Stretchmark Treatment in Dallas, Tx

Stretchmark Treatment is becoming one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Here at Miss Ink Aesthetics two treatments are offered know as Inkless stretch mark revision (or ISR) and Stretchmark Camouflage which are both a non-invasion cosmetic method used to revise stretch marks. Both services work by creating better skin tone, texture, and color.

  • "Inkless" pertains to high-quality and skin-friendly healing serum and vitamins that are deposited into the skin to treat each individual stretch mark. This activates the production of collagen, elastin, and melanocytes to be in the affected area. The results of an ISR treatment are permanent, given your weight remains stable.

  • "Camouflage" pertains to high quality, vegan friendly, non-toxic "skin" color pigment to be deposited into the stretch mark so that it can lessen the appearance by matching it to the surrounding skin color. Unlike traditional tattoos where the artwork is the central focus, paramedical tattoo¬†focuses¬†on camouflaging and concealing undesirable areas. Since this involves ink, fading may occur as time passes or with a lot of sun exposer so consult with your paramedical tattoo specialist to see if and when a color boost would be needed.

  • Both Methods are totally safe, Non-surgical and can be performed on all parts of your body. The results of an ISR treatment are permanent, given your weight remains stable.

  • In order to treat your stretchmarks, they must be WHITE in color, we cannot treat purple or red stretchmarks until they are fully healed and have turned white.

Bye Stretchmarks, hello new skin!

We get that for most of your life you've probably been told to love your body no matter what scar, stretch mark, or fault you may have with your skin and although we 100% agree with that, we also understand that if you want and are able to diminish the look of the stretch marks even if its just a bit, then why not? There is nothing wrong with that and we agree with that too!

Have you been searching for "stretch mark camouflage"? Well, if you are looking for "stretch mark treatment", you've landed in the right place. Miss Ink Aesthetics is knowledgeable in stretch mark work and can meet your skin needs!


We offer two options for our Inkless stretch mark service.

From a natural oil and vitamins blend to a medical grade serum to better help serve you and your goals.

Want a fast result? Go with our Medical Grade Serum. Clinically proven to improve skin texture, color and boost collagen and elastin during healing. See results in as little as one-two sessions.

Tight on money but want to get started on your stretch mark rejuvenation journey ASAP? We got you covered with our oil and vitamin blend serum.See results in as little as 2-4 sessions.


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