Get ready for your Lash Transformation!

Offering Lash Extensions - Classic, Hybrid(most requested), Volume, Mega(Super Dramatic and full), Wispy.

Classic is the perfect choice if you want an "al-natural" look. Hybrid is the best for "Natural and fullness".

If you are wanting more fullness and maybe dramaticness, go with volume or mega.

Still not sure what is best for you? Schedule yourself for a consultation and let the experts help bring your lash vision to life!

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Hey Lash Girlies!

Stop with the mascara and harmful lash strips that you apply more often than you should because it's about time that you transition yourself - and your peace of mind - to lash extensions. We provide lash extensions that are light in weight, long lasting and with a thorough consultation, you will be walking out of your session not knowing what to do with your new self! From natural looking to dramatic, we want to provide you with what you want, need and deserve. Wake up confident & ready to go!

Have you been searching for the best lash extensions in or near Carrollton, Tx? Well, if you are looking for lashes near me, you hit the jack pot. Miss Ink Aesthetics specializes in healthy, natural looking lash extensions to give you just what you need.


    During the consultation, we will discuss everything there is to know about the process.

    • Answer questions you may have
    • Discuss Pre-care
    • Best choice of set for you and your goal
    • Step by step on the whole service
    • Aftercare & maintenance expectations

    We will then start the service (if ready) or schedule for a later date.


    We offer a variety of lash sets. The sets vary from person to person based on lash goals, amount of lash hair, health of the lashes, etc.

    Sets include:

    1. Classic
    2. Hybrid
    3. Volume
    4. Mega Volume

    Within each set, we can also customize them even further by providing you with "wisps" and "wet" set look. That is the beauty of lash extensions, they're totally customizable.


    1. Discuss Lash look and goal
    2. Mapping your lashes
    3. Lash Bath
    4. Apply Bottom lash pad to separate them from the top lashes
    5. Start Lash session
    6. Look in the mirror and admire your new look!

    Aftercare is as easy as ever with out easy guidelines:

    1. Wash eyelashes with lash shampoo minimum once a day
    2. Don't rub, tug, pull on lash extensions.
    3. Don't apply Mascara any longer
    4. Come to bi-weekly fills to keep them looking new, full and fresh

    That's it!

    For more specific information about pre care and aftercare on Eyelash Extensions, please visit our Guide.


    Fills are suggested only if you want to keep your Lash extensions looking new, full and fresh.

    Since lash extensions fall out naturally (Because of the way that hair growth & fall-out work), your lashes will start to look sparse and empty. At that point, you have two options - let them all fall out and later on get a new full set or come back in for a "fill" every two or three weeks to give life back to your lashes. Have any questions- reach out to us!


    Our Lead Lash Specialist has 4+ years of experience enhancing women's beauty through Lash Extensions. Mayra cares so much for your eye health that she breaks down everything you need to know about lash extensions, keeping them clean and improving retention. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist with experience in the medical field for 9 years so she fully understands Hair and skin, has your eye health as a priority, has extensive knowledge of sanitation and disinfection, and aims to provide the best care there is at every single appointment.

Discover why we're the ultimate destination for Lash extension advice and tips, focused on promoting optimum health.

Our clients place their trust in us not just because we deliver stunning lash looks, but also because we are deeply committed to the health and care of your eyes and lashes.

Countless women who were once apprehensive about lash extensions have found solace in our expertise. Their previous encounters at various salons resulted in unfortunate outcomes such as red eyes, infections, and the shedding of natural lashes. Our commitment to health and sanitation, rooted in our medical background, has allowed us to cultivate a loyal clientele.