Wake up ready every day with your new eyeliner transformation!

From a subtle lash Line darkening (lash enhancement) to a more dramatic eyeliner, we can customize and tailor your everyday eyeliner look without you having to worry more about time, symmetry, make-up products for a long time moving forward! From only $450 for your initial session.

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Eyeliner Transformation

Tired of having to apply and reapply eyeliner every day?. Especially when dealing with irritated skin from all of the wiping or extra expenses from having to buy make up remover and finishing it so much faster than what you expected.

Even if you don't wear eyeliner everyday... We know that you avoid wearing eyeliner because you simply just don't want to deal with the stress and go against time of having to draw on the eyeliner and mess up. We get it.

This is why we offer PERMANENT EYELINER in Dallas, Tx, so if you've been searching for long-lasting eyeliner, and eyeliner tattoo near you, You've come to the right site. Miss Ink Aesthetics has worked on many women just like you so we understand. Schedule a consultation and speak with an artist on how we can help you!


    During the consultation, we will discuss everything there is to know about the process.

    • Answer questions you may have
    • Best eyeliner shape for you and overall wanted result
    • Step by step on the whole service
    • Aftercare & Healing expectations

    We will then schedule an appointment for a later date or begin the service if scheduled with time.


    There are two main eyeliner choices - Eyeliner with thickness and wing options or a very subtle lash line enhancement.

    Lash line enhancement is great to create the look of a full lash line (where you lash hairs grow) but this is not as noticeable to everyone else but yourself.

    Eyeliner can be created to be more thick and have the option to add a wing/tail at the end. Thickness can be determined based on eye shape and goal as well as the wing/tail.


    1. Eyeliner Shaping
    2. Shape Approval - You approve shape prior to starting tattooing
    3. Topical Numbing - Numbing can be applied before and during the service if needed based on skin reactions
    4. Begin tattoo session
    5. Reveal results
    6. Discuss aftercare and healing thoroughly

    Aftercare is as easy as ever with our included AFTER CARE KIT.

    For the first 10 days:

    1. Wash your eye lids with cleanser morning and night
    2. Pat dry
    3. Apply moisturizer morning and night

    That's it!

    For more specific information about pre care and aftercare on Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo, please visit our Guide.


    With Eyeliner Tattoo, depending on the goal that we as the artist and you as the client are aiming to achieve, more than one session may be needed- Especially when it comes to building wanted thickness or covering up previous eyeliner tattoo.

    Also, as pigment fades, color boosts may be wanted to keep a fresh-ink look.


    Our Lead Artist has 5+ years of experience enhancing women's beauty through Cosmetic Tattoo. Mayra is amazing at understanding the right aesthetics for each clients face and holds 5+ permanent make up certifications. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist with background experience in the medical field for 9 years so she fully understands the skin, sanitation and disinfections, the importance of being truthful at all times, and providing the best care there is at every single appointment.


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