Scalp Pigmentation

Say bye to hair thinning and say hello to a scalp full of "hair" with scalp tattoo.

Offering scalp micropigmentation to both men and women with hair problems such as loss of hair, hair thinning, balding, etc.

How Many sessions are needed to get optimal results?

A generalization of about three sessions is suggested to get the best results. Each session may last about 2-4 hours depending on how much work is needed. We work conservatively, with good reason, therefore in each session we build up the density needed. We don't just care how the work looks right after the tattooing is done in that session, we care about long term healed results which mean that we take into consideration what we do during the appointment, what happens during healing and we adjust what is needed based on the result that come back at the next sessions. Now, although we mention that three sessions are needed for optimal results, in some instances more sessions may be required.

The benefits of scalp micropigmentation compared to hair transplant surgery include:

  • Less invasive (no surgery or incisions).
  • Less pain.
  • Lower cost.
  • No downtime.

Did you know? Scalp pigmentation is used to hide the hair transplant scars that are left afterwards. Hair transplant surgery do leave scars behind which actually make getting SMP a bit more sensitive where normally it wouldn't be.

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    During the consultation, we will discuss everything there is to know about the process.

    • Answer questions you may have
    • Discuss Pre-Care if needed
    • Mapping out the hair line if needed
    • Step by step on the whole service
    • Aftercare & Healing expectations

    We will then schedule an appointment for a later date.


    Selection of hair color is based entirely on Undertone of you skin.

    Even if you have white/silver hair, adding scalp tattoo will give a nice salt & pepper look.

    Color will be bold right after each session but will fade slightly during healing.


    1. Hair Line mapping
    2. Shape Approval
    3. Lay back and relax
    4. Begin tattoo session
    5. Reveal results
    6. Discuss aftercare and healing thoroughly

    Aftercare for SMP:

    • Dry heal for the first 3 days.
    • Don't touch your scalp at all with your fingers.
    • Day 4-6: Start rinsing scalp and apply moisturizer
    • Day 7-13: Start washing scalp with water and soap and continue with moisturizer
    • After 14 days, if the scalp has healed, coming in for the follow ups is necessary until the total amounts of sessions have been completed.

    That's it!

    For more specific information about pre care and aftercare, please visit our Guide.


    A minimum of 3 sessions is needed when first taking the SMP journey as color and density builds up. Depending on aftercare and skin type, a fourth session may be needed and can be discussed at the time of your appointment.

    Color boosts may be needed after years go by which can be discussed during a consult where the Lead Artist will take a look at the scalp and decide after that.


    Our Lead Artist has 5+ years of experience in Cosmetic Tattoo. Mayra is amazing at understanding the right aesthetics for each clients face and holds 5+ permanent make up certifications. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist with background experience in the medical field for 9 years so she fully understands the skin, sanitation and disinfections, the importance of being truthful at all times, and providing the best care there is at every single appointment.


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