Fine Line Tattoo

Dainty Tattoos

From Tiny tattoos (Micro Tattoos) to thin, dainty tattoos design that can be showcased on any part of your body. These styles are great for those who love the minimalistic design and love the small, delicate and intricate tattoos. Showcase you individuality with Tiny, Fine Line Tattoos.

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Most popular requests:

  • Scripts - names, sentences, quotes, etc
  • Initials
  • Florals
  • Loved ones handwriting, signature, etc
  • Numbers
  • Custom designs upon request

Owner and Master Artist: Mayra

Have you been searching the internet for "small tattoos" and "thin, dainty tattoos"...Well look no further because at Miss Ink Aesthetics, We specialize in fine line and tiny tattoos.

We specializes in small needle configurations such as 1,3,5 needles vs a typical tattoo shop who specialize in needle configurations larger than a 5 needle grouping.

So look no further, book an appointment to get the tattoo that you've been wanting!

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