About Me

Hey Beauty! My name is Mayra and I am the owner of Miss Ink Aesthetics.

My passion has always been to help others which is why I was called to work in healthcare but I've always been an artist at heart.

After working in the healthcare industry for 9 years I began working for myself as a Cosmetologist(amongst other certifications such as a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist). And well, after working with so many clients and patients and hearing their individual stories on how they each had their insecurities and how it took a toll on them from having to hide it on a daily or how badly it affected their confidence, there is one thing ive learned from it all: We can "fake it till we make it" but our insecurities are still going to be there until we do something about it.

I became obsessed with helping those who do not feel confident about certain parts of their body and decided to learn from the very best and become certified(over 10x certifications) and licensed as a Tattoo(cosmetic, conventional and paramedical) and Lash Artist.

This allowed me to combined my two favorite industries -

MEDICAL(paramedical services) AND BEAUTY(cosmetic, fine line, lash services, etc)!

I am here to help restore your confidence. I want you to feel confident in your own skin because you are gorgeous and you should feel that way too!


Mayra B.