Let me just start off by saying...SALINE/LASER TATTOO REMOVAL IS NOT BAD.

(the work being removed may be bad) but the actual service is not. In fact, you could be getting referred to a saline removal or laser removal technician, not because the work is bad, but because you really do just need it.

Did you know that your skin can only hold so much ink in there that any more deposited ink (like for touch ups and color boosts), your skin just pushes it our during the healing process.

Well, it does. In fact, as soon as pigment is deposited into the skin, your body is slowly breaking it down daily. For some people, the breaking down of pigment could be fast or could be slow based on their own systems. Sometimes, your body needs help to break down the pigment molecules before getting a touch up session is so what we do at Miss Ink Aesthetics, is recommend clients to get saline removal(through us) or go to our recommended specialists for laser removal. Once we see the desired outcome, we can then look into getting more ink deposited into your skin.

*With the PMU world changing so fast and unfortunately not every cosmetic tattoo artist being up to date, or new artists not being fully educated, there are so many clients walking around today with red eyebrows, ashy eyebrows, blue/green eyebrows, etc. Therefore, we will see a rise in people needing saline or laser tattoo removal sessions more now and within the next couple of years. If you are one of those clients with pigment turning into a funky color that Was not on purpose, you may want to consider looking into removal if you have been contemplating on getting a touch up session or color boost soon.*

So, with all of that said,  technically you don't need removal only because you got botched work. You could get removal just for the simple fact that your ink needs a refresher but it's best to remove what you already have to be able to get fresh ink.

*SIDE NOTE: We offer Emergency Saline Tattoo Removal here at MISS INK AESTHETICS within the first 24-48 hours only. Meaning, if you get botched work from someplace else, reach out to us ASAP so that we may fit you in the schedule to start the emergency removal process within the first 24-48 hours for best results. Once it passes that time frame, unfortunately you are already past the healing stage where emergency removal won't do much and you will have to wait until your tattooed area is completely healed(normally in about 4-12 weeks). After your tattoo is fully healed, then we can start the saline removal sessions which may extend past the 2 session mark.

Need to book a Saline Tattoo Removal session? Click here: SALINE TATTOO REMOVAL

Have any questions on Saline Removal? Reach out to us via email at INFO@MISSINKAESTHETICS.COM

Thank you and stay tuned for more blogs!

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