How is Mayra different than most artists out there?

1. Our Master Artist Mayra has 9 years in background experience in the medical field which not only did she become proficient in knowing about different skin types, healing process, medical history backgrounds, client relations, customer service, she also became a stickler when it comes to sanitation and disinfecting. Now, not sure about you but that is super important when searching for a lash and tattoo artist.

2. Mayra has taken over 5x trainings and certifications to continue learning new and efficient ways to not only improve our techniques but to also add more techniques.

3. How she determines your permanent make up (brow/lips/eyeliner,scalp,areola) color- This is simple yet complicated at the same time. So we will simplify it as much as we can. We go based on YOUR UNDERTONE  which when we say that your cosmetic tattooing is completely unique, we totally mean it.  This right here is already completely different than most artist because they go by your skin tone color, your current brow hair or your scalp hair. You no longer need to worry about red or ashy eyebrows(unless that is what you actually want a a healed result), no more having to worry about blue/green healed eyeliner, etc.

4. Mayras sole purpose in starting this business is not only because she loves what she does but also because she loves to help people. Help women look and feel good on both the inside(internally) and outside(physically). So when we say that we truly care about you, how you feel walking in, during your service, and even after you walk out- we mean it. You got any questions? Reach out. You have any doubts? Reach out. Your friend told you something that you don't know if it's right or not? Reach out. You really loved your service? Reach out. We will not leave you hanging out to dry. We are there for you even after your service is completed.

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